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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  September 12, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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oh, hey red. [ male announcer ] m&m's® can't resist m. attacks is open to the public today. good afternoon i am steve sanders said. >>and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web ... >>patricia wu is in new york with our top story is ... >>victim's families with a first
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visitors at a memorial where
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the world trade center once stood ... it remind a total of 400,000 visitor passes have been reserved online so far if you like to visit you are to visit the 911 memorial website first to reserve a pass ... in new york i'm patricia wu for wgn news ... >>september 11th morals were held all over the country including several right here in the chicago area ... the bagpipes played at a memorial and humbled park with the city's
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fire commissioner spoke to a crowd of hundreds the theme of the event was how tragic loss could lead to great strength and unity. in naperville and memorial was dedicated to september 11th victim's it is made up of a beam from the world trade center fragments from the pentagon and granite from the ground in pennsylvania it is dedicated to naperville native commander dan shanauer our who died in the attack on the pentagon. his parents laid a wreath at the memorial in his honor the naperville fire department also retired his badge number 343 the number of firefighters that are killed on 911 >>and there were 2911 memorial ceremonies in oswego the fire protection district dedicated a display featuring a six-foot steel beam from the twin towers. it's on permanent display at fire station 1 also and as we go
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to thousand 996 empty pairs of shoes one pair for every life lost on that day or lined up more than half a mile through downtown oswego ... >>the fbi said its security disturbances aboard a commercial airline flight on the 911 anniversary were not linked to terrorism ... f-16 fighter jets scrambled when passengers were reported acting suspiciously onto flights yesterday. in the first incident the jet's shattered an american airlines plane from l.a. until it landed safely at jfk airport in new york the fbi said that the jets were sent to follow the plan after three people refuse to leave the bathroom on board other passengers aboard the flight did not know what was happening until it was over >>in the second incident crewmembers aboard a frontier airlines jet noticed two men acting suspiciously those two men and a third passenger were taken into custody when the
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plane landed in detroit. swedish authorities say three of the four men arrested over the weekend on suspicion of plotting a terrorist attack our somali and a fourth is iraqi. the four men were arrested in a raid by a swat team in gothenburg which is sweden's second-largest city. police also evacuated this art gallery where 500 people were attending a party they're not saying of the gallery evacuation was connected to those arrests >>the man accused of trying to blow up a plane over detroit two years ago goes on trial wednesday. the 24 year-old nigerian man is known as the underwear bomber omar farouk of dual mode taub is accused of tryingabdoulmutalab is accused of
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trying to kill nearly 300 people aboard northwest airlines flight from amsterdam to detroit on christmas of 2009. passengers and crew members restrained him after the explosives stitched into his underwear failed to detonate and they caused a small fire he plans to represent himself in court. neighbor one woman appears in bond court today in connection with the death of her son lidia price has been charged with two felony counts of criminal abuse and neglect of a disabled person she is also facing three misdemeanor counts of child endangerment police were called to her home last thursday when her 14 year-old son was spotted flying outside the home an autopsy determined that he died of bronchopneumonia the home was described as filthy and was filled with nearly 200 animals including monkeys skunks birds cats dogs iraq on and a fruit bat. a death investigation is under
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way after husband and wife were found dead inside their home in the southwest suburbs ... the couple was pronounced dead on the same they were killed by a blunt force trauma apparently ... the county sheriff's police are working the scene in an investigation and the autopsy results are soon expected ... although it sounds cliche the neighbors cannot believe a double murder could happen here ... and 911 call was placed from inside the home ... the sun is being questioned ... >>i am concerned about this we can't understand why this happened and if the child that is why >>officers are still on the scene it's an ongoing
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investigation authorities are not confirming to us whether they have anyone in custody or are questioning any family members ... the autopsy results are pending it's considered an ongoing death investigation and we will bring you more details as they are available from palos park >>president obama will call on congress to pass is $400 billion proposal aimed at creating jobs ... and gov. pat quinn follows through on his promise to be no a co-med rate hike against the just one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea gas and bloating. with three strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health. you know when something's bad -- but you do it anyway? that's me with the blow dryer and the flat iron until i see smoke. so pantene
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president obama is sending his new jobs plan to congress today. the president announced the move at the white house rose garden. his $447 billion proposal calls
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for new spending to hire teachers and rebuild schools. it also calls for $130 billion in aid to state and local governments and extending unemployment benefits ... the president hopes to win republican support with a proposal to lower payroll taxes for businesses and for workers >>there's a bit of uncertainty we could avoid ... no games no politics, no delays i am sending this bill to congress today and that ought to pass it immediately. >>later this week the president will head to ohio and to north carolina where he will urge voters to pressure their lawmakers to pass the bill. >>the president's jobs plan will no longer be a topic of debate when republican presidential candidates meet in tampa florida tonight it will be the second day for the gop hopefuls cnn and the tea party express our
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hosting the forum and many questions are expected to come from chief party activists ... >>one person has died and four others were injured in an explosion at a nuclear waste site in southern france. officials say that there's no sign of a radiation leak and they're calling it an industrial accident not a nuclear one since the site has no nuclear reactors. the cause of the explosion is under investigation the safety agency in france says that a crisis team and other officials have been sent to the scene to take air and soil samples for for their analysis ... >>the only hockey players to survive last week's devastating plane crash in russia died of his injuries today eking treated said he died from severe burns that covered over 80 percent of his body he was aboard the plane that crashed in russia just after takeoff last wednesday
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that crash killed all of the members of the russian hockey team because of the crash is still under investigation a crew member from that plane is now the allie survivor >>libya's new leaders are trying to unite different groups of armed rebels as they struggle to take control of last year areas still loyal to muammar gadhafi. rebel advances have stalled that's at the timeoutside the town of bani walid because of stiff resistance from gaddafi loyalists ... >>there are reports that bands of rebels have been arguing and fighting with each other over who should lead the assault to take the town that of the national transition council said talks this started to bring the groups under control of the council >>organizers of the morning of the king jr. memorial in washington have said a new date for the dedication next month which was forced to postpone in august it's now set for october 16th on the national mall
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president obama will speak at the dedication pickens coincides with the 16th anniversary of the first million man march in washington ... >>a health-insurance company is signing up ibm's watson main frame computer to make humanlike decisions based on split-second data analysis the question is will doctors and patients like jeopardy quiz show winning computer better than a human health insurer wellpoint thinks so and is giving watts in its first paying job both ibm and wellpoint said the computer will offer the best odds for balance drug interactions and effectiveness the terms of the deal is not disclosed ... >>we will be back with eight tailgating lunch as a manager, my
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i'm beejal patel with bloomberg news ... we have the euro message once again rattling investors and panic is saddling and in europe spilling over into our markets the doubt is losing about 100 points it's well under 11,000 at this hour ... and bank of america is once again in the spotlight today ... the stock is above $7 but it said it will lay off 30,000 employees in the next few years in its first phases of a cost-cutting program they assume there will save over $5 billion in the coming years for these actions ... over to europe grease is getting very close to default germany now
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takes action to shore up its own banks in the event grease can not meet its debt obligations and if it does default in the end many are afraid the european debt crisis will be like the lehman brothers bankruptcy ... of 2008. >>the company who has downgraded the u.s. credit rating is breaking up mcgraw-hill is breaking up into two companies in a change of strategy ... one side of the company will focus on education the other on a financial publishing and strategies and an analytical products ... >>the talk in europe is that the german and french banks might
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need a bailout and if that does happen if the situation in europe cannot be contained or controlled the fear is that it could cause a global economic recession and that would affect the united states and that's why stocks are dropping right now ... >>mayor emanuel wants to ensure that chicago city employes are not gouging taxpayers by inflating their mileage vouchers. so he's ordering a review of employee mileage expense reports. there will be compared to other mileage vouchers in the public and private sectors and the mayor hopes that the review cut costs and lead to a single uniform mileage reimbursement policy he is informing cabinet members that they do not need mileage reimbursements >>wgn's judy wang has more on the governor quinn co-med fico
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... >>the governor calls this bill is a dream come true for the utility bought it for a nightmare for consumers ... the legislature is not giving up ... >>the general assembly passed the measure in may ... hoping the governor would soften his opposition to it. this bill would allow co-med to sidestep the icc to streamline and fast- track rate hikes ... the company defends this action because it would like to modernize the smart graderid.. reducing reliance on customer calls to pinpoint
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problems and locate issues more quickly ... but it is a checks and balances system and the governor says that the utility cannot bypass such a process ... >>the company was told during the last black out that many many people wanted the utility to improve and reform ... >>the regulatory system has balance the consumer and corporate interests and now it won't allow these utilities to go straight for our wallets ... >>the company said that it would go a long way toward economic development and is disappointed with the governor's actions ...
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they believe this could be a job killer ... >>is not believe there are enough votes in the general assembly to override the governor's veto but that remains to be seen >>she is turning the print memories from september 11th into a unique yarn commemorating the lives lost in the september 11th attacks ... on tuesday september 27th wgn is sponsoring the naacp protect professional and executive diversity job fair if you are looking for a job come to the lakeview terrace at navy pier from 1q7@gúm03p7@d8[ú08@1
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10 years after the september 11th attacks of 2001 many of the u.s. marines deployed in afghanistan are sharing the memories of the traumatic events that inspire them to join the military. >>i was 10 years old ... and i was in the fifth grade i was actually in school first. when the attacks happened >>i didn't expect that we would still be here deployed ... i expect an effort of this scale ... >>in new york woman now living in seattle has crafted a unique tribute commemorating the 911
12:26 pm
victims claire renault is a textile artist with a haunting vision ... >>like many people living in new york at the time she received all the local papers and for 10 years she kept those newspapers boxed and out of sight until now ... >>there's an image we have in the brain >>she saved these because she's an artist and spun a yarn from all of these news reports and papers ... i have a great joy of doing mass ... i am from france i adopted the united states is
12:27 pm
my home and lost a fire fighter friend in the attacks ... this is my way of unraveling the pain ... it's an event that i remember deeply but through this project on a ham transforming my pain and sorrow and to a fitting memorial ... a special ceremony honoring the four legged heroes of 911 was held in new jersey over the weekend the event was held in liberty state park across the river from where the world trade center once stood. in the days following the attacks more than 300 dogs and their handlers search the rubble looking for possible survivors. 48 of those stocks are still alive no one was rescued alive but the dog alerted first responders to the location of several bodies.
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at flexpen, insulin delivery that goes with you. this is the kind of weather where they thank you tom today will be the warmest and nine days here in chicago temperatures are headed to 87 degrees but then we will have autumnal air coming in midweek ... we have had very little rain for the entire month of september ... we will transition to this
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cooler weather in quiet fashion in the sense that there will not be escorted by big storms ... we're looking at that cool canadian air and temperatures are beginning to drop in the dakotas month canamontana and saskatchewan ... we are five degrees warmer than we were yesterday at this time we have summerlike weather with wind strengthening from the west the warm air will be pushed up to the lakefront ... humidity is moderate ... 49% the water temperature on lake
12:32 pm
michigan is 71 degrees ... the mold count is high grass and weed pollens and ragweed is moderate to low ... the cloud cover is the leading edge for that cooler air mass headed in our direction ... it will come in two stages passing through tomorrow morning and that wednesday front which is the bigger deal that's the one escorting that canadian high pressure system. and we're looking at the last of the remnants of that tropical storm lee that left us over the weekend ... we had a cool overnight ...
12:33 pm
right now we are in the '80s ... elk grove village is 83 degrees 82 and will matt geneva 84 ... readings at the airports are 81 degrees with southwest winds at 12 ... we will continue to check these temperatures and wind speeds ... wind gusts are about 28 mi. per hour from burbank to long grove indiana ... here is what's going on ... remember the contorted jet stream configuration last week? it is not happening anymore ...
12:34 pm
a jet stream with arctic origins is diving down into the country so we will feel cynical air over the next several dayseel the cool air over the next days.. wednesday and 38 and thursday should bring us 40 degree temperatures it will warm up once again ... we will remain warm into wednesday until the cool air is upon us and that will reach all the way down to the gulf coast
12:35 pm
it's a dominant whether feature ... we have a front going through tomorrow so we will see some overcast skies ... looking to the tropics we're looking at maria it's a bad leaped not able to get its act together ... we are running at multiples of the normal number of hurricanes and named storms this season ... one last look here at maria is tracking well off the east coast that's good news but it
12:36 pm
has impacted puerto rico and the dominican republic.. sunny start to the day with a sunny afternoon here in chicago a good bet for temperature highs today will be 86 or 87 degrees tonight we will ask expect scattered clouds ahead of us the winds will be strong from the southwest the low temperatures will be in the sixties ... partly sunny cooler and less humid tomorrow with lighter wind but that will pick up on wednesday a high wednesday may only be in the low 60s with the 40's overnight
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minnesota and wisconsin may even get a 30 degree temperatures it's time now for today's trivia: how many nfl championship victories did the bears have between 1940 and 1949? the answer is still ahead on my doctor told me calcium is best absorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal.
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defending division champions against last year's top seed in the nfc. soldier field paid tribute to the victims of 911 before the game ... it is now tied it three in the first quarter jay cutler hit matt forte on the screen pass and he goes 56 yds for the score matt
12:40 pm
40 had 158 ydstt forte had 158 yds on 21 touches ... the bears up in the third quarter when it julia's peppers forces the fumble and brian urlacher scoops it up for his fourth career touchdown he also had an interception the bears beat the falcons 30-12 >>the mets honored police and fire fighters before the cubs game the cubs were up in the eighth but jeff sam artesia can't handle the chopper so he throws it away and the tying run scored in the 11th runners on the corners and carlos pena struggled in the go-ahead run the cubs scored six in the inning and went on to win 10-6 they are in cincinnati tonight.
12:41 pm
the white sox honored september 11th on the south side ... the indians already up in the second one zack stewart gave up four straight hits lou marson drove in two runs with his double the sox lost 7-3 and split the four game series the first place tigers visit the cell tonight ... >>it's time now for the midday illinois lottery drawing ... the winning pick three numbers are: 6 7 1 the winning pick four numbers are: 4 4 4 6
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play the new $200 million cash spectacular ... have a great afternoon
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it's so peaceful. i could stare at it all night. let's light a fire.
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includes three states where contaminated cantaloupes was eaten. there are nine confirmed cases of the gastrointestinal infection in colorado, texas and nebraska. to list. patients have died of contaminated cantaloupes was implicated in only one case. the u.s. centers for disease control is now coordinating the investigation. there is now second round of recalls for ground turkey because of possible salmonella cargill inc. announced the latest recall after new tests showed salmonella and a sample that came from the same arkansas plant that prompted a recall last month. all ground turkey made at the plant in springdale arkansas has the numbers p-963 or 963 on the package you can find it either on a usda seal or on the cellophane on the packaging itself >>there are no reports of anyone
12:46 pm
getting sick from the second recall ... >>a new study shows that cartoons like spongebob squarepants could cause attention span problems in children. researchers from the university of virginia found for year-old scored worse on mental function tests after watching that program but the war not to single out sponge bob many fast- paced cartoons could have the same affect kids who watched slower shows like other cartoons had better focus the study recommends that parents use creative learning activities such as sketching using building blocks and playing outdoors ... >>new research shows the two shots not remake cut it when it comes to protecting yourself from the human papilloma virus which can cause cervical cancer the study compared 6000 costa rican women who received three shots 800 and to receive two
12:47 pm
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and we are all fired up over our bears from yesterday! >>but today in lunch break we have a tailgate party with some pick itg.. i'm from california so i am incorporating pork with some avocado which we love their ... i am doing something called nuggets of love bacon wrapped avocado ... when you squeeze them and they give a little bit you know they are ripe ... we
12:51 pm
are at using bacon a priest like avocado red tomato and some turkey ... we are going to take all of this wrapped in bacon and toss it on the grill ... the avocado is ok on the grill ... it gains are creamy texture without breaking down you don't want to over grill atit.. now that's the appetizer here is something different we are going to do a deep-fried beer batter avocado taco ... i use a nice
12:52 pm
light ale in the beer batter with pang go breadcrumbs we slice the avocado in half remove the pit we peel the skin off we did that and pang go breadcrumbsko breadcrumbs.... if you choose to cut the of a cut goes ahead of time you can store them in the refrigerator in an airtight container with a little bit of vinegar or lemon juice so that they do not brown. you want to
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make sure that they have a nice golden brown texture when you fry them it's like an avocado tempura ... we take tortillas some nice cabbage that's shredded, some red onion ... and chipotle manasyo.. to the fixings of this talk go we add our tempura of inkathaaco we add the tempura
12:54 pm
avocado.. burgers and hot dogs are yesterday's stuff this is a really nice creative way to introduce news options we are adding some pork to the taco for those meat eaters.. or you can use some of that
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four nfl championships wins: in 1940 1941, 1943 and in 1946. tom skilling has the seven day forecast: we are gorgeous day today
12:58 pm
but we are looking at this jet stream coming from the north bringing some cool air down to us by wednesday the wind will get strong tonight there will lead up tomorrowand will let up tomorrow but will be back with a force on wednesday. tonight wind will gust between 30 and 36 mi. an hour from the southwest ... by morning it will lead upt up..
12:59 pm
by wednesday watch how the temperatures will be changing ... we're in the mid 80s today will be in the upper 50s in the northwest suburbs tonight ... we will be slightly cooler tomorrow and then the highest on wednesday will only be in the '60s and the overnight temperatures will really getdi p.. here's the 7 day forecast: we will be back to 78 degrees by monday of next week... thank you all for joining us today ... remember we are back here at 5 and again at 9 this evening..


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